Careers at Silre transport

Silre transport

Silre transport is a fast-growing transport company. With a growth to over 20 employees in the last five years we've grown to be an organisation that is a decent partner for companies that have to tackle logistic challenges.


The quality of our services depends on the dedication and the expertise of our people. We understand very well that we owe our fast growth and our good reputation to the proffesionalism, loyalty, pride and the enthousiasm of our employees. we ask the same dedication and love for the business of all that want to come work with us.

Corporate culture

Our corporate culture is informal, communication lines are short en we approach new challenges in a practical manner. We can only deliver consistent quality if we enable our people to get the best out of themselves. Those that have the ambition and show initiative will get all the room they need to develop themselves.

Working at Silre transport

At silre transport we strive for a good balance between the qualities of employees and the ambition they've got. Work is not just about making a carreer, it's also about finding your own place.

Interested in working at Silre transport? We are constantly looking for new drivers, planner and administrative personnel. Fill out the application form below and we will get in contact we you as fast as we can.